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Directory - Event Tech Live 2019 Exhibitor Summary 

Event Tech Live 2019 (ETL19), which took place in London in November 2019, was bigger and better than ever before, with more exhibitors and a wider range of products and services on display. 

With so many #eventtech tools / systems / platforms, it is hard to keep up, even for event technology specialists. Coupled to that, Eventsforce released a report at the show that highlights a growing technology skills gap within the industry, as a result of so many #eventtech systems - event planners are too stretched to master what each system does, let alone use it effectively. 

With this in mind, Smartec's mission at the event was to speak to as many exhibitors as possible and ask them some basic questions. The results of this exercise can be found below, within the embedded spreadsheet. 

Over time, this content will become a web directory of all new and existing #eventtech systems, designed for event organisers to carry out some high-level research to aid their #eventtech procurement process. 

The two images below show the types of technology systems that exist, and where during the events lifecycle they are used. The first image shows the entire lifecycle (which could be weeks, months or years), while the second one focusses in on the event days and onsite technology. 

If #eventtech is a minefield for you and you need help in selecting, implementing and/or managing the best #eventtech solution to meet your business needs, call Smartec on +44 (0)7917 451677 or email info@smartecbs.com or info@meetingstec.com for more information. Also, if you would like to add a system to the list below, contact Smartec. 

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