Case Study - G Suite

Case Study - Implementation of sales and event management processes for a MICE agency using G Suite and Insightly CRM




Stage 1 - Understand the business

The agency provides several  MICE services to corporate clients in Morocco and agencies across Europe. The first phase of the project was to understand the agency's business and processes before finding the optimal solution

Smartec Project - understanding the event management business
Smartec project - Insightly process

Stage 2 - Understand the technology

Like most CRM systems, Insightly supports the conversion of Leads into Organizations and Contacts, whereas Opportunities are identified as sales opportunities. 

Unlike other CRM systems, Insightly also supports the delivery of the Project - i.e., once an Opportunity is won (the sale has been made), Insightly converts all Opportunity data into a Project. For the agency, the Project represents the service delivery process. 

Insightly also offers native integrations with G Suite for email integration and document management; Quickbooks for accounts integration; and PandaDoc for the easy creation of content-rich proposals.

Stage 3 - Configuration

After understanding the requirements and technology, the next phase was to configure Insightly. Like other CRMs, you can create customised 'pipelines' in Insightly - a pipeline is a set of steps or phases, as you move down a process. The Opportunity pipeline support percentages, representing the likelihood of closing the sale. 

Insightly also supports customised Project pipelines - these can be configured for any industry, as required. For the agency, the project pipeline represents the  different steps it performs in delivering its MICE services.

Stage 4 - Operations 

Integration with Gmail allows for emails to be sent or recorded within the contact record in Insightly. Additionally, customised email templates can be created for any recipient, and at any phase during the events lifecycle.

Smartec project - Insightly Kanban view

Stage 5 - Analysis 

Insightly supports different project pipelines for different types of services (or events). You can then select the pipeline and view the status of all ongoing Projects, either in a list view or a Kanban view. This view lets you move Projects along the pipeline, as well as give you a view of the financial state of all ongoing Projects (and/or Opportunities). 

The Benefits

The agency now has: 

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